Years of advocacy for the Library Book Rate finally succeed

Proof that diligent and persistent advocacy work pays off–after years of letter-writing in support, the Library Rate for mailing library materials at reduced cost is now permanent.

For many years, The Nunavut Library Association has actively participated in advocacy and letter-writing campaigns to support the Library Book Rate, a subsidy provided by Canada Post for the shipment of library books from one library to another at much lower rates than regular parcel postage. In addition, NLA has advocated for the inclusion of other library materials than books under this rate, such as CDs and DVDs.

This rate used to have to be renewed from year to year, and every year required a new campaign in support of maintaining the rate. In 2007, Brandon-Souris MP Merv Tweed introduced a private member’s bill to make an expanded definition of the library rate permanent in the Canada Post Corporation Act. After many years of work and several Parliaments, his bill was finally passed with unanimous consent, and given Royal Assent in June.

Nunavut libraries make extensive use of this rate to provide service to their small and remote communities, and are delighted to join in the celebration of the passing of this legislation.

You can check out the press releases issued by Merv Tweed and the Canadian Library Association (CLA) when the bill received Royal Assent for more details.

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