Fall 2014 NLA Meeting

The fall meeting of the Nunavut Library Association was held at the Legislative Library in Iqaluit on November 5, 2014. We took advantage of the fact that two of our out-of-town members, Leigh-Ann Cumming and Carol Rigby, were able to attend in person–the first time Leigh-Ann was not on the telephone for an NLA meeting! We also welcomed new member Helen Halbert by teleconference, the new librarian of the Inuit Qaujisarvingat resource centre at ITK in Ottawa.

NLA's fall meeting at the Nunavut Legislative Library

NLA’s fall meeting at the Nunavut Legislative Library Photo by Carol Rigby

We shared lots of interesting information about what is going on in our libraries, from programs to encourage users (3D printer and scanner at Iqaluit Centennial Library! Word games as prizes for borrowers at NAC Nunatta Campus Library!) to new developments in technology (RFID for Iqaluit Centennial) and technical services (adopting RDA as a cataloguing standard by the Leg Library next year). All of us have faced the dilemma of Robert Rao taking on the task of being the first records manager at QEC: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. But which bite do you take first??

Minutes from the meeting are posted on the publications page if you want all of the interesting details.




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