NLA Supports Canadian School Libraries

The Nunavut Library Association is pleased to offer its support for the newly established Canadian School Libraries organization.

As our association is small, we don’t have a dedicated school association or chapter, but anyone working in a school library in Nunavut can obtain valuable information from the organization’s website. This  includes their landmark document Leading Learning, published in 2014, and associated resources. They also offer access to the Canadian School Libraries Journal, which also contains the archived editions of School Libraries in Canada, and is now published three times a year.

Writing to NLA to introduce the organization, CSL Chair Anita Brooks Kirkland indicates that it is the

home for the national school library standards, Leading Learning, in English & French. CSL’s  goal is to provide school libraries with “one-stop” shopping for resources, news & professional development.  As you will see on our home page, school library and multi-library associations that often support schools across Canada have shared their logos/links and sometimes news on CSL ( … We really want to be able to connect people across the country, including Nunavut.
We encourage your association to connect with us anytime if you need some help with school library concerns. You members may be interested in some of the resources on our website, so I encourage you to share our link as you best see fit.

So if you’re involved with running a school library in Nunavut, check out their website for helpful resources and connections to other people working with similar challenges and opportunities.

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