Our Organization: Mission, Vision and Values

Our membership is open to all persons serving residents of Nunavut who are interested in or work with library issues, regardless of their professional qualifications or geographic location. We welcome as members:

  • professional librarians
  • community librarians
  • library technicians
  • library support staff and paraprofessionals
  • literacy workers
  • archivists who work in or with libraries
  • interested members of the public.

Mission: Our mission is to promote the value and use of all types of libraries in Nunavut, and to connect people who work in and with Nunavut libraries for mutual support and professional development.

Vision: Our members envision a future where all Nunavummiut have equitable access to library resources, both in person and online, and appreciate and use them. We see all libraries being adequately supported and funded, and all library staff and advocates feeling welcome to be part of our association.

Association Values: The Nunavut Library Association provides a forum for discussion, encouragement and professional development for its members. Our members uphold the following values:

  • Providing library services and materials to all Nunavummiut in the official language or languages of their choice: Inuktut (Inuit language), English and French
  • Advocating for and helping to provide equitable access to information for all Nunavummiut
  • Supporting the rights of Nunavummiut to intellectual freedom, freedom of expression, and freedom of access
  • Promoting literacy in all of Nunavut’s official languages
  • Supporting all persons who work in and with Nunavut libraries, whatever their level of library training or professional status, in their professional development
  • Providing a forum for everyone working in Nunavut libraries to discuss challenges and opportunities and to share solutions to problems
  • Providing a channel for those who may be working in isolated circumstances to maintain and extend professional networks and feel part of the broader Canadian library community

Our strategic goals can be found in our most recently updated and adopted Statement of Mission, Vision and Values (May 2018)

Some of the activities we engage in include:

  • Meeting to discuss current activities of members and issues of interest (2-4 times per year)
  • Conducting correspondence campaigns to advocate for library and literacy issues such as maintenance of the Library Rate, restoration of funding for literacy groups, need for new national library facilities, etc.
  • Promoting and coordinating library activities, e.g. JK Rowling reading visit contest, Literacy Week, visits by the National Librarian, etc.
  • Participating in national library committees to support and promote various aspects of service to Indigenous peoples in Canada, particularly Inuit, and to Canadians living in rural and remote locations
  • Holding social events to allow library staff to get together with their local peers



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