Our Organizing Structure

Operating Principles

We operate in an informal, consensual manner, on a purely volunteer basis. We are not at present formally registered as a society, given the highly mobile nature of the Nunavut workforce and the geographic spread of our membership, although we revisit the need for such registration from time to time. Currently we charge no fees and do not do fundraising directly. We have a variable and small income from participation in Partnership activities. We carry minimal financial obligations in order to support our website.

We select a leader for the group in a consensual manner, referred to as “President” for the purposes of communication with other national library groups. This person presides over meetings, confirms dates and places of meetings, and offers an agenda for discussion. Records are kept of meetings by a volunteer referred to as the Secretary. Funds received from The Partnership are held by a volunteer referred to as the Treasurer. Correspondence is held and signed by the current President, though drafted on a volunteer basis and reviewed collectively.

Through the year, an e-mail list is maintained by the President, and information, questions, and issues of interest are conveyed to the membership through this list. NLA also maintains a website that is used for news postings and archiving of publications and correspondence, as well as external promotion of the association. NLA also has a Gmail account for public contacts.

Meetings are called when required or as desired by the group. Participation is welcome and encouraged by teleconference for all members, including those who provide service to Nunavummiut from outside the territory. Members in Iqaluit, which has the largest library community, may meet in person along with teleconferences. Meetings tend to be held in the spring and in the fall.

Participation in The Partnership

We are regarded as the territorial equivalent or equal of other provincial and territorial library associations, and are members with them in The Partnership, Canada’s association of provincial and territorial library associations. The Partnership provides NLA members with the following:

  • access to continuing library education at reduced or no cost
  • The Partnership open-access journal
  • its national library job board
  • an opportunity to communicate with our peers across the country on issues of national interest

We also receive small royalties from The Partnership from NLA member participation in Partnership training programs and their job posting board.

Our President is usually invited to participate in Partnership meetings and national gatherings of library associations as our representative, although other members of NLA may represent the association if the President is unable to travel.