Our Value to Our Members

Why join the Nunavut Library Association?

  • It is a great way to make connections with other people working in the library field in Nunavut, from community librarians to library assistants to managers of larger library systems
  • It can help you feel less isolated in your work, especially if you live in one of the smaller communities or if you are new to Nunavut and its huge distances between people
  • It’s cost-effective: we currently do not charge for membership
  • It’s easy: just contact the association e-mail and ask to be put on our e-mail distribution list for updates and information
  • It gives you access to the privileges of membership in The Partnership, including discounts for their professional development program offered through the Education Institute (webinars and courses), and participation in Partnership meetings to represent NLA
  • It gives you a forum to bring up and discuss library issues that are important to you, and to add your voice in support of library services both locally and nationally (e.g. maintaining the library book rate, getting fair prices for e-books, etc.)
  • If you participate in NLA meetings, you get a chance to meet and talk to other members in person or by telephone, to hear about what is happening in their libraries and discuss your own successes and challenges
  • You have an opportunity to build your skill set in a supportive and appreciative environment by volunteering to help with various NLA initiatives
  • Taking courses, volunteering, participating in local and national committees and advocacy initiatives all add up to significant professional development

Contact the NLA at our e-mail address if you’d like to be added to our membership list: nunavutlibraryassociation@gmail.com