Nunavut’s Public Libraries

Nunavut Public Library Services Headquarters, Baker Lake

NPLS Headquarters, Baker Lake
Photo by Bruce Rigby

Nunavut Public Library Services coordinates public library services in Nunavut communities. These include library facilities in Arctic Bay, Clyde River, Igloolik, Iqaluit, Pangnirtung, and Pond Inlet in the Qikiqtaaluk (Baffin) Region; Arviat, Baker Lake and Rankin Inlet in the Kivalliq Region; and Kugluktuk and Cambridge Bay in the Kitikmeot Region. Some public libraries are stand-alone, such as Donald Suluk Library in Arviat, but most are in combined visitor centre / library or school / public library facilities. The headquarters for NPLS is located in Baker Lake.

Iqaluit Centennial Library

Iqaluit Centennial Library front desk
Photo by Carol Rigby

Iqaluit Centennial Library, as its name suggests, was founded in 1967 and moved into a joint facility with the Iqaluit Visitors Centre in 1992. It’s the biggest and busiest library in Nunavut, and provides services in English, Inuktitut and French, with an active Friends of the Library group. Regular lending services include books, magazines and DVDs, as well as a public Internet access site with 21 public computers and free wifi. The Friends of ICL are still offering new books through
the Friends Purchase Program as well: library patrons can place requests for new books that are purchased with funds raised by the Friends.

The Centennial Library runs a number of regular programs, such as a weekly story time on Tuesdays for preschoolers,  and a drop-in every Saturday; there is one English, one French and one Inuktitut program per month, and an evening story time once a month. Additionally, they are offering programs to some of the rehabilitation centers in Iqaluit, currently running a program every week for the Young Offenders Correctional Facility, the Women’s Correctional Center and the Akausisarvik Mental Health Treatment Center.


Entrance area, Rebecca P. Idlout LibraryPhoto: Carol Rigby

Entrance area, Rebecca P. Idlout Library
Photo: Carol Rigby

Rebecca Panikpak Idlout Library, Pond Inlet

The Nattinak Centre in Pond Inlet houses the Rebecca P. Idlout Public Library and the activities of the Pond Inlet Library and Archives Society, which supports the community archives. In addition to serving its community year round, it regularly receives visitors from High Arctic cruise ships in the summer months.

May Hakongak Community Library, Cambridge Bay

The May Hakongak Community Library in Cambridge Bay is housed in a unique facility that combines school and public library service with the activities of the Kitikmeot Heritage Society in a shared space.  You can take a tour of the Library as part of Google Maps Street View of Cambridge Bay; click on the view for the Kitikmeot Heritage Society:

[descriptions of more public libraries to follow]

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