Advocacy for library issues is one of the chief activities of the Nunavut Library Association. Although not all members can attend meetings in person, everyone supports the various advocacy campaigns coordinated by NLA.

Under the signature of the President, NLA regularly contacts politicians and national institutions to support library and literacy programs and activities, especially in the context of our very rural and remote libraries.

As well, NLA members participate in national committees and working groups advancing these matters, and offer support to and promote campaigns and other organizations and associations striving for the same goals.

Significant issues for us have included:

  • Maintenance of the Canada Post Library Book Rate
  • Protests in cuts to funding of significant program support for adult literacy, the Community Access Program (CAP), etc.
  • Concerns about public access rights and fair use under new copyright legislation
  • The need for a Unicode-compatible national library catalogue that can handle our Inuktitut syllabic material
  • Support for Library and Archives Canada services (need for new facilities, ILL service, repository and reference services, national union catalogue, multilingual cataloguing standards)
  • Support for the establishment of school libraries in Nunavut
  • Support for the “Fair ebook prices” campaign
  • Support for the Advocacy for Libraries network
  • Participation in the Canadian Federation of Library Associations’ Truth and Reconciliation Committee and the production of their Truth and Reconciliation Committee Report and Recommendations (2017)
  • Participation in the Northern Libraries Working Group that is assessing the roles and participation of Canada’s territorial library associations in the new Canadian Federation of Library Associations
  • Advocating the need for national support for rural and remote libraries by the Canadian library community, by CFLA, and by governments at various levels
  • Support for the new Canadian School Libraries organization

Materials relating to these advocacy campaigns can be found through the highlighted links in this section.

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