Advocacy for Libraries Network

NLA has been part of the conversation in setting up a collaborative library advocacy initiative at the national level. Although our association is too small to support full membership in the initiative, we are following its development and can pass on the following communication, received in June of 2015 from the Advocacy for Libraries Working Group. NLA is not currently on the regular distribution list mentioned below, but should membership and resources become available, we are welcome to join.

Jun 27 2015

Dear Affiliate of the Advocacy for Libraries Initiative,

On Friday March 28, 2014, twenty six library associations came together to strategize a new collaborative advocacy initiative.  As a result of the discussions, there was unanimous agreement that a collaborative approach to advocacy is required.

Since that time, your organization expressed an interest in taking part in this initiative.

We are pleased to provide you with this update from the advocacy coalition working group, which consists of the following members:

Annette Demers, CALL (Chair), Sheila Paterson (OLA), Eva Revitt (CAPAL),  Camille Callison (MLA),  Emily Monks-Leeson (AAO), Anita Brooks Kirkland (OLA), Kim Silk (SLA Toronto), Marie DeYoung (CLA), Carole-Anne Wilson Hugh (Sask Association of Library Technicians).

New Name!

The Working Group is pleased to recommend the following name for our network:  Advocacy for Libraries.

New Website!

The Working Group is pleased to recommend the adoption of a website to help raise the profile of this initiative.

The new website is located here:

The website provides all of the foundational documents for this initiative. It also provides a list of joint statements that have been signed by various members of this coalition over the past year.

New Communications Network

When our initial meeting occurred in 2014, it was decided to set up a listserv for this network. However, Association members have not consistently joined the listserv, so there are currently very few members of the listserv.

To address this, moving forward, it was decided to: a) delete the listserv; and b) share our primary email list with the members of this network. We wish to reinforce the fact that Advocacy for Libraries is a Board-to-Board network, whose purpose is not to directly inform individuals, but to:

-inform Associations about advocacy initiatives;

-to encourage greater co-operation between Associations on advocacy issues;

-to use our Association channels to amplify the messages /campaigns of other Associations.

It remains the obligation of each Association to determine what information to share with their own members and what information to pursue at the Association level.

Twitter Reminder

All Associations are reminded that there is a relevant hashtag for library advocacy matters:  #libraryadvocacy

NOW – We Need Your Assistance

  1. The next step in ensuring a robust network, is ensuring that your contact information is up to date.  Please take a moment to review the attached Excel file [omitted], which lists all of the current members of our network.  Please send your updates to  at your earliest convenience.  A clean final copy will be sent to everyone as soon as we have received replies.
  2.  Please review your Association’s listing on the homepage of the website to ensure accuracy.
  3. Please provide this email as an information item for your next Board meeting and share with your National Officer, where applicable.  Ensuring continuity in this initiative is very important.
  4. If your group is working on a particular advocacy initiative, it is important to remember to send your initiative to the mailing list (refer to the finalized excel file).
  5.  Where appropriate, remember to advise your members of your involvement in this network, and help amplify the advocacy initiatives of our fellow Associations by sending out their communications, where appropriate, to your own members.

Thank you for your ongoing co-operation!


Advocacy for Libraries Working Group