NLA advocates for fair e-book pricing

FairE-book pricing BannerThe Nunavut Library Association has added its voice to those advocating for a fair e-book pricing system for libraries. The campaign was launched by the Canadian Library Association and a number of partners on June 15, 2015. NLA has sent a letter of concern to Nunavut Minister of Culture and Heritage George Kuksuk, and received a reply indicating that the matter is being considered by federal, provincial and territorial ministers and that his department will keep NLA informed of developments. More details and all the correspondence are posted to the “Fair ebook Prices” campaign 2015 page on our website.

This issue is critical to the future of libraries and readers’ access to information. For more information, check out the Fair Ebook Prices website. For those who tweet, check out #FairEbookPrices.

Leading Learning: Standards of Practice for School Library Learning Commons in Canada

Leading Learning: Standards of Practice for School Library Learning Commons in Canada was recently launched at the Canadian Library Association’s annual conference, held this year in Victoria, B.C.Leading Learning from CLA

The document has been developed jointly by CLA’s Voices for School Libraries Network and CLA’s School Libraries Advisory Committee, in consultation with many regional groups, associations and individuals, including the Nunavut Department of Education.

The press release from CLA provides more information and background on all the partnerships involved and further contacts.

The complete Leading Learning document is available free of charge through the CLA website, as is the supporting extensive bibliography.

CLA releases its submission to the RSC Expert Panel

The Canadian Library Association has publicly released its written submission to the Royal Society of Canada’s Expert Panel on the Status and Future of Libraries and Archives in Canada. Nunavut Library Association member Carol Rigby was a member of the working group for this submission, hoping to ensure the voices of Canada’s northern, rural and remote libraries were included in the bigger national picture.

As announced by CLA:

“The CLA Brief was presented to the Royal Society of Canada Expert Panel on The Status and Future of Canada’s Libraries and Archives on January 16th, 2014 in Toronto by CLA Treasurer Mike Ridley and Councillor Jane Schmidt.

CLA originally made a verbal presentation to the RSC Panel on October 22, 2013 in Edmonton.  The presentation was made by CLA 2013 President Pilar Martinez, Treasurer Mary-Jo Romaniuk and CLA Councillor Karen Hildebrandt.  2014 President-Elect Marie DeYoung and Interim Director Barb Clubb participated by telephone.

Please click on this link to read CLA’s  response.”